Elysian Field Originals

Art and Adornment inspired by Nature & Fantasy

Raspberry Leaf

According to the ancient Greek myth, all raspberries were once white in color. That was, until the day the God Jupiter was in such a rage that the Nymph Ida, to appease him, went and picked him some wild raspberries. It seems that while she was picking the berries she pricked her finger on the [...]

“Why I Need the Birds”

“Why I Need the Birds” by Lisel Mueller When I hear them callin the morning, before I am quite awake, my bed is already traveling the daily rainbow, the arc toward evening; and the birds, leading their own discreet lives of hunger and watchfulness, are with me all the way, always a little ahead of [...]

New Leaf Ornaments

I finally was able to list some new leaf ornaments in my Etsy shop today. For the past year I’ve tried to do my art full time and although I’ve definitely made forward progress, I can’t keep up with the economy, so off I’ve been to job hunt. Tedious, boring…necessary. Anywho, here are three new [...]

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