Elysian Field Originals

Art and Adornment inspired by Nature & Fantasy

Pay it Forward

I was talking to some of my friends on Etsy the other night and they were asking how many of us had a PIF in their shops. Now I like to think I’m fairly savvy about Etsy and things in general but I was stumped. What the heck is a PIF? It turns out PIF [...]

Late Night Visitor

EEEKS!!!  I heard something and thought it was my cat in the back room and when I went to open the door I almost had a heart attack…a skunk!!!  I had to run around the house and open the door (gently) from the outside and it finally left. PHEW!!! Pepe La Pew he was NOT!

Advent of Fall

I am really enjoying my venture so far with my wearable art and leaf jewelry. There are so many benefits that I can see: Being outside (which I love) and walking the woods and fields around my home and my parents. It’s refreshing to drive and pull over on a random road because I’ve seen [...]

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