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Happy Faerie Day!!

Happy Faerie Day!!! It’s a day of celebrating nature and everything to do with fairies!!!

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice (Litha), is the longest day when the sun’s power is at its peak. The cause of the Summer Solstice – the name of which is derived from the Latin words sol meaning “Sun,” and sistere, meaning “stand still” – is due to the angle of the Earth on its axis. On this day, [...]

Faerie and the Wolf

Here are a few pieces I completed while up in Maine. Enjoy! I love wolves and couldn’t resist creating a bas relief of a wolf’s head on an Oak leaf. The ornament hangs from  annealed steel formed in the shape of a branch, wire wrapped with sterling silver and accented with superb Moonstone briolettes. The [...]

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