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A Journey with Leaves

Posted on | September 20, 2011 | No Comments

P1120421Summer is coming to an end and once more we begin to turn inward here at Elysian Field Originals with an eye to nesting for the winter.  Leaves are already beginning to fall and I’ve collected quite a few from the area here in Rhode Island, as well as  Maine.

The recent hurricane, Irene, wreaked havoc with many of us along the Eastern corridor, and now that things are slowly returning to normal I can finish up on some polymer commission pieces I am woefully behind on.  The only good Irene did was to aid me with my leaf collection, lol.P1120115

While out walking the other day I was gathering leaf specimens and began to think of the strange journey that these beautiful organics have taken me on. Who would have thought that a leaf would foster friendships with people worldwide in places such as Belgium, England, Italy, China, Australia, and across the USA…a leaf could do all this?

Leaves are so complex, yet simplistic in their beauty. The colors, textures, sizes, are all unique and none are identical, much like the people I create my wearable art pieces for.  I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come along…mostly for the wonderful people I have met along the way…on my journey with leaves…



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