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Wearing Two Hats

Posted on | March 24, 2013 | No Comments

The moment I decided to support myself as an artist I began to wear two hats, one of  artist and the other as  businesswoman.  Blending the two has had its challenge to say the least.  Being creative for me is not being restricted and allowing myself to flow like a stream wearing out little nooks and crannies along the way. The repetitive actions over and over finely tune and hone a path that in the end will yield the desired  results that I am seeking.  Couple that with switching my hat to take care of the business aspects of my craft, and I find its much harder for me, but through trial and error am attempting to harness my impatient spirit and do the steps needed for success.

With so many mediums available today to explore I have recently added a new one to my ever growing experimentation…beads.  While attempting to not stretch myself too thin, it’s hard to not push the envelope a bit and see where the blending of mixed media will take me.  Sometimes you have to just let go of of a perceived outcome for your true vision to take shape. Oak Leaf Brooch/Pendant-SOLD


The newest pieces I have been creating are a blend of all my favorite things: polymer clay, gemstones, bead embroidery.  These are a few pictures of recent wearable art pieces, a blend of art and adornment.  Each piece has a special meaning and story behind it and as such each piece began with an idea that ‘changed’ as I worked. Funny how that happens.



How do you balance your hats?  Your vision?


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