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Wearing Two Hats

The moment I decided to support myself as an artist I began to wear two hats, one of  artist and the other as  businesswoman.  Blending the two has had its challenge to say the least.  Being creative for me is not being restricted and allowing myself to flow like a stream wearing out little nooks [...]

Fall on Friday

It’s a cool lovely day here in New England.  The leaves are getting ready to turn color once again.  It’s my favorite time of year and as I mix up a new batch of polymer clay for some leaf pendants, I wanted to share this lovely array of leaves shared by David Shane Odom, a [...]


Heather Toupin, known as HeatherJeany, lives in a little house where she likes to make little things. In her words… “I collect forgotten odds and ends; bits of wire+ribbon, other people’s shopping lists, broken baby dolls, old lace, ripped up photographs. I love paper and pattern and birds. I especially like making big batches of [...]

Blame it on the sheep

Carol Boden Mania of Lodestar Wovens says it best….” “While homesteading 35 acres and smiling my way through the garden, I just knew I needed sheep, and so began my journey with “Stillwater” and “Wrinklebottom“. They provided both the insight and the inspiration. Self-taught, truly blessed and now 19 years later, all those spun fibers, [...]

All Hail the Popsicle Stick!

A few hours ago I was playing around with some old scrap clay trying to become inspired and on my table was a popsicle stick left by my grandson, Aidan. Why a marriage of two most unlikely items could make me so happy you ask? I didn’t see clay and a stick…I saw a tool, [...]

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