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Fall on Friday

It’s a cool lovely day here in New England.  The leaves are getting ready to turn color once again.  It’s my favorite time of year and as I mix up a new batch of polymer clay for some leaf pendants, I wanted to share this lovely array of leaves shared by David Shane Odom, a [...]


Heather Toupin, known as HeatherJeany, lives in a little house where she likes to make little things. In her words… “I collect forgotten odds and ends; bits of wire+ribbon, other people’s shopping lists, broken baby dolls, old lace, ripped up photographs. I love paper and pattern and birds. I especially like making big batches of [...]

Blame it on the sheep

Carol Boden Mania of Lodestar Wovens says it best….” “While homesteading 35 acres and smiling my way through the garden, I just knew I needed sheep, and so began my journey with “Stillwater” and “Wrinklebottom“. They provided both the insight and the inspiration. Self-taught, truly blessed and now 19 years later, all those spun fibers, [...]

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