Elysian Field Originals

Art and Adornment inspired by Nature & Fantasy

A Gift from a Dryad

Ever have a moment of drought in your creativity? A moment when no matter what you try to create falls flat? I admit to having plenty of those moments lately, and they usually happen when I stop listening to my muse and try to force a creative idea. On a walk in the woods near [...]

Zombie Kitty, Mad Jack & the Boneyard

It’s a gorgeous sunny Saturday and I’m working on a few new pieces using my air dry clay, updating my Esty shop, as well as revisiting my “boneyard” to finish up on an old piece I started and let sit for two years.  Then it’s off to the races for the evening and some time [...]

Faerie Slumber

I thought I’d share a new little piece I’ve been working on.   It’s a faerie child wrapped in a maple leaf and asleep in an oak leaf cradle.  The faerie is 3″ long and was sculpted using Kato clay with Genesis heat set oils for added color.  I really prefer this clay now for [...]

What’s New in the Woodz!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted to my blog!  Things have been busy here on my end, getting ready for the holidays, sculpting new pieces, and creating some neat jewelry.  Instead of a bunch of posts I created a collage to show a few pieces I’ve recently completed. I’ll be posting more in [...]

Advent of Fall

I am really enjoying my venture so far with my wearable art and leaf jewelry. There are so many benefits that I can see: Being outside (which I love) and walking the woods and fields around my home and my parents. It’s refreshing to drive and pull over on a random road because I’ve seen [...]

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